When 8 Conlay was set to make its advertising debut in Malaysia’s major newspapers, our creative brief was simple: design a series of impactful press ads that would stand out from the clutter whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the development’s distinguished offerings. Working with copywriter Adele Chong on the quirky messaging, we conceptualised a selection of ads that highlighted the key selling points of 8 Conlay’s branded residences, namely impeccable interior design by YOO and first-class hospitality provided by Kempinski. To heighten the focus on 8 Conlay’s championing of craftsmanship and artistry, we commissioned Eiko Ojala, an Estonian illustrator famed for digital paper-cut illustrations, to translate our artistic intent into beautiful graphic impressions.

Illustrator: Eiko Ojala
Copywriter: Adele Chong

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