Cover for Time for issue about life after pandemic and what healthcare learned from it.
“You too are in danger when your neighbours house is on fire” (Horace). Cover for Lennart Meri Conference special issue
Cover for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine Scotland's special issue.
Illustrations for HP Innovation Journal about the future of telemedicine. 
For New Yorker's fiction story "The Party". 
Illustration for Microsoft WorkLab about for story "Rethinking Meetings".
Cover illustration for Heateo Sihtasutus about Education.
Illustration for New York Times "Ask Well" section. 
Illustration for National Geographic about "The Structural Weaknesses in America’s Healthcare System".
Cover illustration for New Scientist for story "The Healing Power of Nature".
Illustration for Management Magazine (FR) about women in law.
Illustration for Management Magazine (FR) about women heroes from Greek mythology until now. 
Spot illustration for New Scientist about the isolation.
Illustration fro New York Times about long-term lung damage caused by Covid.

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